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Dissolution or Divorce

We assist clients in understanding the dissolution process.  We will answer basic and complex questions regarding the process so that clients understand what to expect as we assist them in navigating the dissolution process. 

We also assist clients in establishing the appropriate strategy for their case to optimize their position.  Whether it be to work out an amicable solution and agreement or to aggressively litigate all issues, the Law Offices of Kathy Campbell will provide answers to how to best proceed in your dissolution matter.

California has specific disclosure requirements that require both parties to a dissolution to complete.  The Law Offices of Kathy Campbell can help clients prepare disclosures to satisfy the court requirements and protect their rights.

In addition to preparing disclosure documents, Campbell Family Law will assist you in other aspects of the dissolution such as child custody, visitation and support, temporary and/or long term spousal support, property division including residences, businesses, rental properties or real estate, and retirement benefits.

Whether the problems are large or small, whether the case is basic or complex, Campbell Family Law can be a source of strength, information, and sound advice as you move through one of the most challenging times in your life.