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Spousal Support or Alimony

In the context of a dissolution proceeding spousal support, sometimes called alimony, can make the difference between total poverty and a survivable income.  Spousal support can help equalize the relative incomes of two parties in a dissolution to allow the parties to separate the lives and move on in their own respective financial circumstances.

During the pendency of the dissolution proceeding a court might order temporary spousal support.  Once the case moves into the judgment phase it becomes long term support.  These two different types of support are not the same and Campbell Family Law can help you determine if and when you are entitled to either.

Once you have a court order, we can also help you obtain a wage assignment so that you do not rely on your spouse for regular payments but simply his or her employer. 

We can minimize the financial stress caused by the dissolution by obtaining a court order for spousal support.  Let Campbell Family Law help you get the support you deserve.