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Property Division

Division of assets can be an aggravating part of the dissolution experience.  Let Campbell Family Law put our experience to work for you.  Whether we are determining the community property interest in the marital home, dividing stock options or evaluating the worth of a business we can assist you in determining what your fair share should be.

Community assets can take numerous forms and Campbell Family Law can help you obtain your share of the community assets including the community residence or home, rental properties, stock options or bonds, retirement benefits (including 401k, Individual Retirement Accounts, pensions, or defined contribution plans), business interests, jewelry, real estate, art collections, antiques, sports memorabilia and even precious metals.

Our office will work with professionals in the field best suited to value your assets.  Once we obtain a value, we will fight for you to obtain the optimal division for you. 

We will also work to assert your separate property interest for those items you owned before marriage and continued to maintain as your separate property throughout the marriage.  We will work to keep those assets protected as your own.

Property division does not have to be aggravating if you leave it to Campbell Family Law.