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Domestic Violence Restraining Order

The emergency nature of domestic violence restraining orders make the speed with which our office can respond extremely important to clients.  Our ability to file documents with the court within a very short time after a client comes to our office seeking a restraining order makes Campbell Family Lawvaluable asset for you.

We will meet with you to determine what the appropriate orders should be as well as the documents or other evidence necessary to support such a request.  We will work with you and other community resources to assist you in obtaining both the legal and community support that you deserve and need at this difficult time.

We will include in the restraining order request all of the relevant orders that we believe are appropriate for your specific fact situation.  Whether it be for a stay away order or a no contact order our office will work with you to determine which orders are the most appropriate.  We can also include requests for child custody and support and other requests for debt payment or attorney's fees so that you not only have the protection provided by a restraining order but some very important related orders as well.

Campbell Family Law cannot heal all of the wounds caused by domestic violence but we can work to help you begin to feel safe again.